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The Goats

Being a Micro Dairy means we are small but still crazy busy! We do not give tours of the farm for liability reasons, but please enjoy the photos here to get a better understanding of how we operate. Raising goats is a little like having a field full of wayward 2-year-olds! They get into everything, are constantly in your business, and rarely take no for an answer. But these incredible creatures are also kind, fun, loving, and hysterical to watch! 

Some fun goat facts:

  • Baby goats are called kids.
  • Goats have a gestation period of 5 months.
  • Goats can (and do!) learn their name.
  • Goats have 4 stomachs.
  • Goat’s pupils are rectangular (like many hooved animals). This gives them vision for approximately 330 degrees around them without having to move.
  • Goats are herd animals and can become depressed if kept without any goat companions.

The Cows

Here at N&P, our milk girls are Jersey and Guernsey cows.

  • The Jersey breed is the second largest breed of dairy cattle in the world.
  • Jerseys are well known for their milk which is noted for its high quality – it is particularly rich in protein, minerals, and trace elements.
  • Jerseys are docile, even-tempered, and kind animals that make milking easier.

  • Guernsey cows have a beautiful fawn and white coat that enhances their heat tolerance and reduces heat stress, which adds to their ability to maintain production levels anywhere.
  • Guernsey are renown as unique producers of rich yellow-colored milk gave them the title “Golden Guernsey”.
  • They too have a finely tuned temperament, not nervous or irritable making them also easier to milk.



The Dairy Barn

The goat milk stand. The goats climb the ramp on one side, line up in the stalls and enjoy a snack while getting milked, and when the milking is complete, they file out the other side.


The milk chiller. All the milk from the goats is deposited directly from the udder to the chiller where it comes to the appropriate temperature before being bottled. The same process is repeated after a thorough cleaning with the cow milk.


The dairy barn kitchen. Here is where Nana’s magic happens, and bottled milk is refrigerated.

The Pigs

  • Berkshire pigs with their black pot bellies and sweet demeanor are easy to tend to and produce delicious meat.
  • They are almost always black pigs. However, their feet are actually white, giving them the appearance of wearing socks, and usually have a white mark on the snout of each pig.
  • Because of their dark color, Berkshire pigs have the added benefit of not getting sunburned. This is just one less worry for the farmer.
  • Once they have given birth, Berkshire sows become excellent mothers.
  • Berkshire pigs are incredibly intelligent and are right at home in any farming situation.

The Garden


The garden is a blissful retreat of hope, filled with joy and a tremendous amount of hard work! Whether it’s the spring or fall garden goodies, when you buy fruits and vegetables from N&P either here on the farm, or at the farmer’s market, you can rest assured that produce came out of the garden that day!

We focus on growing a variety of heirloom fruits and vegetables using organic growing practices. We are not certified organic as it’s simply not cost-effective to go through the certification, but there are no toxic chemicals used here.

In addition to selling the freshest fruits and veggies, we also use them for canning, and other house specialties such as: Nana’s salsa, candied jalapeños, pickles, and Nana’s famous jellies and jams! 


The Birds

We are not lacking in feathered friends here on the farm. We have a variety of primarily heritage breed chickens, turkeys that are not destined for the dinner table, and plenty of guineas! 

All our birds are free-range, meaning they are not required to remain anywhere. They have free rein to roam anywhere they choose and eat what comes naturally to them, the way it was intended! 

Not all animals on the farm are here for production. Our turkeys and guineas are here for enjoyment, this is their home and just like producing animals, we enjoy having them live here. 


The Earl 

Earl is the frontman of N&P. No need to be alarmed, he is a sweet boy with questionable manners. Earl loves his naps in his chair on the porch and socializing when he desires. Don’t let the naps confuse you, Earl is head of security here and on the ready 24 hours a day!  

Earl is a Catahoula Leopard, complete with clear blue eyes. This loveable pooch is the ringleader of the many dogs and cats that live here on the farm. Catahoulas are fabulous dogs! They are intense, serious, and focused when it’s time to work, but playful and affectionate when the day’s work is complete. 

When you stop by the farm, be sure to scratch behind his ears, but please don’t disturb his naptime!



The Bunny

This is our resident bunny, Phoebe! Phoebe is a Satin breed of rabbit and is considered to be one of the most beautiful domestic breeds; with a unique fur structure, from a recessive gene that gives a translucent sheen to its fur.

A Satin Rabbit is a gentle and calm pet for any age of owner or level of rabbit experience. Phoebe is no exception and is a joy to have on the farm.


We hope you have enjoyed the virtual tour of our farm!

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